Lex-Ham Board

If you have interest in serving on the board, please follow this link to complete an application form. Elections are in October and terms are for two years. We are grateful for the time and care that our board members invest in our neighborhood!

Executive Committee

IMG_24431    Sharon Fischlowitz, President

FullSizeR1_8    Amy Lucas Riley, Vice President

Emily Theisen Photography    Ashley Rashid, Treasurer

FullSizeR1_5    Larissa Kiel, Secretary


FullSizeR1_6    Paul Bakke

FullSizeR1_2     Jeremy Lostetter

FullSizeR1_4   Sarah Murphy

dsc07234.jpg    Dawn Puroway

IMG_24711    Emmy Treichel

sam-white    Sam White

Josh Wilkes    Josh Wilkes