Executive Committee: The Executive Committee includes the officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) of the board of directors and oversees the organization as a whole.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee prepares and monitors the annual budget and informs all financial decisions for Lex-Ham. This committee also manages our Home Improvement Loan Program.

Personnel Committee: The Personal Committee has primary responsibility for the recruitment and nomination of directors, committeepersons, and volunteers in service of the Council. This committee also manages the staff and the policies related to staffing or volunteers.

Events Committee: The Events Committee assists staff in planning neighborhood-wide events throughout the year including logistics and programming.

Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee works on initiatives and programs identified by the council. They manage our “Do a Little Something” micro grants program, our “We Care” outreach to seniors, and initiatives that relate to pedestrian safety, to name a few.

Community Fund Task Force: The Community Fund Task Force is examining the policy and servicing of our Community Fund. This is a short-term task force.


If you would like to serve on a Lex-Ham Committee or would like more information, please complete the following form. Thank you in advance for your interest! It takes many caring neighbors to keep our community strong, safe, and vibrant.