Neighborhood Awards

Every year, we celebrate the ‘super-heros’ in our midst with a Neighborhood Awards ceremony. If you know someone doing amazing things in Lex-Ham, please contact our office to nominate them for one of the awards listed below by the end of September. Awards are given during our Annual Meeting in October. 

The Linda Feinberg Award is given in memory of Linda, who died in 1982, after years of service to the Council, both as a member of its Board and the Dunning Task Force. It recognizes an individual who significantly contributed to the Lex-Ham neighborhood and to the community at large.

The Community Service Award is given to Lex-Ham residents whose outstanding activities have made the neighborhood a community of which we are all proud to be a part.

The Good Neighbor Award is given to an individual or organization who played a major role in supporting the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood as a “great” place to live.

The Richard Norris Award is given to a resident who has made notable contributions to the musical and cultural life of the community. Richard, who died in 1995, was a longtime active resident in Lex-Ham as director of the Lex-Ham Community Band, a member of the Board and the Dunning Management Committee. A music Professor at Concordia and an avid jazz trombonist, he performed in several local ensembles.

The Betty Dean Award recognizes some neighborhood youth with an exemplary service record. It is named in honor Betty who died in 1984 after many years of work on behalf of Lex-Ham, including service on the Board and the Dunning Management Committee. Betty was responsible for originating the Council’s Youth Involvement Project, which became Youth Express.