Eavesdropper Newsletter

In order to stay in touch with our neighbors, we create a printed newsletter six times per year called the Eavesdropper. You can learn about upcoming events, local activities, helpful information, and other folks who live near you. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please fill out the form below. If you have suggestions for the newsletter or would like to help out with writing articles, editing, or graphic design, please contact the Lex-Ham office at lexham@lexham.org.

Past issues can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Past Issues of the Eavesdropper

2019.3 May-June Eavesdropper

2019.02 March – April Eavesdropper

2019.01 January – February Eavesdropper

2018.06 November-December Eavesdropper

2018.05 September-October Eavesdropper

2018.04 July-August Eavesdropper

2018.03 May-June Eavesdropper

2018.02 March-April Eavesdropper

2018.01 January-February Eavesdropper

2017.6 November-December Eavesdropper

2017.5 September-October Eavesdropper

2017.4 July-August Eavesdropper

2017.3 May-June Eavesdropper

2017.2 March-April Eavesdropper

2017.1 January-February Eavesdropper