Do a little Something

Lex-Ham thrives when we bring ideas forward and turn them into action. This year, the Lex-Ham board is inviting you to dream up ways to connect neighbors and improve life in our neighborhood through small scale projects or events. If you have a great idea, submit an application to do a little something that will benefit everyone!


The purpose of the “Do a Little Something” program is to support projects that exemplify the mission of Lexington-Hamline Community Council which is to improve the quality of life and bring about positive community change in the Lexington-Hamline Neighborhood.


Project must benefit the Lex-Ham neighborhood

Applicants must live in Lex-Ham

Submit an application

Project budget of $300 or less


Projects will be reviewed and selected by the Lex-Ham Outreach Committee.

Notification of Approval:

Applicants will be notified within 30 days of receipt of the application.

Support from Lex-Ham Community Council:

Reimbursement for expenses up to $300

Notification through Eavesdropper (if lead time allows), enews, and Facebook

Follow-Up Requirements within 30 days after project/event is complete:

Submit a 100 word summary of event or project

Submit at least 3 pictures that can be used in Lex-Ham publications

Project Examples:

Host a party                                                   Little Free Library

Hold an educational event                         Neighborhood Art Project

Create a poetry post                                     Mural

Roundabout Maintenance                          Safety Improvements


Contact the Lex-Ham Office with questions: 651-645-3207 or


Do a Little Something Program Application