2021 2nd Quarter Safety Data


In this issue we are providing Lex-Ham crime incidents data through June 30, 2021. We continue to break out the numbers for businesses on University Ave. from the balance of Lex-Ham due to the unique crime patterns for retail businesses. Please note we are still finetuning our graphs as we search for the best way to present the data and make it the most meaningful. We welcome any feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve our communications. Questions or comments can be submitted to lexham@lexham.org.

We encourage neighbors to report all crimes to the St. Paul police department. Reporting serves multiple purposes. It allows the police department to identify problem areas and better deploy resources to address the issues. In addition, It allows us to capture and share an accurate picture of the quality of life in Lex-Ham.

There was a consistent pattern to crime incidents in Lex-Ham over the last four years. First quarter incidents are the lowest, rising to a peak during the 3rd quarter and then dropping during the 4th quarter. (Thank you Minnesota winters?) In 2021 this pattern was interrupted with a drop in reported incidents in the 2nd quarter. It is premature to identify this as a trend or to identify potential causes.

Crime incidents reported by University businesses had been relatively stable until the 3rd quarter of 2019. The spike in 2019 may have been the result of Walmart’s closing and thefts moving down University into Lex-ham. With the unrest experienced by University businesses and the impact of COVID19 it is difficult to draw conclusions at this time regarding 2020-2021 crime trends.

Auto theft, burglary, and theft are often crimes of opportunity: garage doors open or unlocked, car keys in the ignition or under the mat, property left unattended, etc. Simple steps can lead to further reduction in these crimes. Close and lock your garage doors, don’t leave valuables in your car. Lighting is significant in deterring crime. The St. Paul police continue to offer catalytic converter events to deter theft. In addition, there are cat cages, cat schields, and a cat eye (siren) that can be installed to prevent the theft of your catalytic converter.