Transit Petition October 2021

Please see the message below from one of our neighbors who is circulating a petition to move the proposed Rapid B Line to Marshall from Selby. There is a short timeline for responses on this as the Met Council’s meeting is coming up on October 13th. The proposal takes into consideration many aspects of livability in Lex-Ham as well as the mobility of the buses. Note that this petition was not formally endorsed by the LHCC.  Rather, we support resident engagement and share information for neighbors to study and come to their own conclusions.

Hello Neighbors,

My name is Amy Westerberg and I live on the 1300 block of Selby.

Many of you are aware of the proposed B-Line bus plan that will affect the intersection of Selby and Hamline as well as Selby and Snelling.

On Friday, the Metropolitan Council released its final proposal which they will be voting on, on Oct.13th. You can see the whole plan at:

We have done considerable research on the route proposed and find that Marshall Ave. between Snelling and Lexington is a much safer, quicker route than using Snelling Ave. to connect to Selby and Marshall. This route was in their initial proposed options. Marshall not only is wider, but is predominantly commercial, has fewer homes, has alleyways and the stations could be in front of Concordia, which already has higher ridership and not on a residential corner.

The addition of Route 60 will connect the Midway/University area and use the current 21 route to downtown St.Paul. This will stop at every corner and will service the neighborhood, which is utilized by our residents. We support the continued route and smaller shelters that will fit our neighborhood aesthetic

Having the B-Line addition to this corridor of Selby will create 16 busses per hour, 12 of which would only stop at Snelling/Dayton, Selby/Hamline, and Selby/Lexington. This is a tremendous amount of traffic running through our residential corridor of Selby.

Click the button at the top of this page to find the petition we are circulating. I am hoping that I can get some volunteers to get signatures on their blocks. See below for a comparison sheet that shows demographics of both corridors and the original route options MTC was looking at (option 3 in pink is the preferred route). This is time sensitive as the vote is October 13th. I can supply copies for you.

There is a lot to process, and I can answer many questions so please do contact me via email or phone.

Please feel free to contact me via email at:  or cell 612-554-4994


Amy Westerberg

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