Lex-Ham Neighborhood Safety Meeting Notes

Thursday, June 25 at 6 PM

There have been 30 incidents of carjacking/armed robberies throughout the Western District in the last month during midday hours. In many cases, a youth (ages 10-18) approaches a car asking a question and then makes a threat demanding the car keys. Most incidents have involved physical assault and some have involved guns.

Recently, there was a robbery outside of Yellowbird around 5 PM. Several youth pulled up in a vehicle and hopped out to grab a woman’s purse while she was sitting on their patio. We know these incidents are unsettling given they are in broad daylight and that the trend is to approach occupied vehicles. Please be careful and continue to keep an eye out for your neighbors.

Lex-Ham Community Council hosted a meeting on Thursday, June 25 at 6 PM at the Tot Lot on Hague with Patty Lammers, the Crime Prevention Specialist from the Western District along with an officer. Notes from the meeting are posted below this list of guidelines.

The following general safety guidelines are from the Western District SPPD:
1. Do not talk on cell phones while coming and going from your home to your car.
2. Carry your keys in your hand and have them ready to unlock or lock your car doors.
3. Check your backseat prior to getting into your vehicle.
4. Lock your doors when you get in the vehicle.
5. Do not roll down your window to people approaching your car if you do not know them.
6. Look around your car prior to walking out to your car.
7. If you see someone approaching that makes you uncomfortable, get into your car or home as quickly as possible.
8. If you see suspicious behavior such as cars driving slowly down streets looking at or in other car windows, people concealing themselves in bushes, etc., call 911.

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