Create Community while Social Distancing

Create Community, Yes We Can!

As we continue to adjust to all of the changes to our routines, remember to find ways to connect with your neighbors. We will need to be more creative, but we can STILL build community while practicing social distancing. Here are a few ideas for you to try on your block. If you have more, please share! We would love to pass them along to our block leaders and post them on our website. Remember to check on those who may be vulnerable, combat isolation by reaching out to people daily, and don’t lose hope!


Email your block for song ideas and then circulate a song sheet. Set a time for a sing-along when everyone comes out to their porch or  street curb with instruments and song sheets to make music together.

Sips at 6 (Feet)

Set a time to BYOB and have an evening chat with neighbors while maintaining the distance of 6 feet.

Street Aerobics

Have someone lead a simple aerobic workout from their sidewalk. 

Chalk your Walk

Ask your neighbors to share an encouraging message or image on their sidewalk for others to enjoy while practicing social distancing. 

New Year’s Eve- Style Block Cheer

Set a time for everyone to come out and cheer together. Do a countdown and then cheer/ bang pots & pans.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt on your block. Participants place items in their yard or pictures in their windows. Share a list of items to look for via email. Kids of all ages can enjoy.

Poe-tree Story Walk

Hang portions of a poem or story from trees consecutively around your block (or tape them to a stake in the ground). Neighbors can walk the block and read as they go.

Pet or Bike Parade

Set a date for a sidewalk parade. Neighbors come out to their stoop and cheer for little ones on their bikes or walking with their pets as they go by on the sidewalk. You could even have an announcer to make it feel more official!

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