Volunteer Voice

For Terry Trudeau, serving on the Lex-Ham Community Council was all about serving the community he loved.  He made a real difference for this neighborhood and we are so grateful to him for his service.  Below are some of his memories of his time on council.
“I served on the Community Council for about 4 years and was Lex-Ham board president for two years starting about 1977.  With the help of Ron Hicks I started the Energy project.  It was a time when energy costs were skyrocketing. We had to find a way to reduce energy loss in the older homes of Lex-Ham or else people would start moving out of our neighborhood. We got a $75,000 grant from the McKnight Foundation to fund the project and we held about 6 workshops a year that instructed homeowners how in insulate, to caulk, how to treat air leaks and other energy loss related topics. We also helped people obtain low cost loans for energy related projects.   We had energy auditors trained specifically to audit older houses and we audited about 100 homes in Lex-Ham.
The one crowning achievement under my tenure was when I signed the papers with Mayor Latimer which turned the control of Dunning field over to Lex-Ham.
Serving on the board gave me a purpose in life by serving the community which I loved.
It gave me the confidence that even though I had a disability, I could be a functioning member of society and I could lead people. This confidence of leadership served me well during the 35 years I worked at Honeywell.”
Experience the benefits of serving our community by getting involved with Lex-Ham like Terry! Consider joining a committee or applying to serve on the board of directors. Join the volunteer list to help with events or other tasks. Your engagement makes a difference!

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