Volunteer Voice

Karen Randall served on the Lex-Ham Community Council from 2008-2012.  She served as a board member, as secretary and as president.  Here’s what she said about her time on the council:
“In some organizations, one person keeps the momentum going, then that person leaves and the group fades away. This isn’t true with Lex-Ham. The leadership has been passed along successfully as directors complete terms and others step up. I appreciated living in a neighborhood that comes together as a community and decided it was my turn to help out. The relationships we grow at Lex-Ham events and National Night Out lead to friendships and support throughout the year and I was happy to help ensure this continues.
I was on the Council when a second parking lot was proposed for Pizza Luce, and later a special needs ball diamond for Dunning Park. Both of these brought out strong feelings and it was rewarding to provide a forum where perspectives could be heard. I also learned a lot about how local government works.”
If you are sensing it is your turn to help out, please complete the board application or contact Amy at our office to learn more. We depend on neighbors like Karen who step forward!

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