Family Pinhole Camera Workshop

Sunday, April 29th from 1-4pm
Concordia University, corner of Syndicate and Marshall

Every year on the last Sunday of April, photographers all over the world participate in World Pinhole Day. They make images with the simplest of technologies: a homemade pinhole camera. Last year, over 65 countries were represented and all were connected through a single day and a simple technology.

Cate Vermeland, Visual Arts Professor at Concordia University, has been teaching students Pinhole Photography for ten years. There seems to be a desire for hand-made objects now more than ever. The slow process and patience you need to shoot pinhole images is magical. People become connected to the photo process because they made the camera themselves and, through trial and error, figure out how to make unpredictable, visually engaging images.

Because access to darkrooms is rare, Cate would like to open up the darkroom and Concordia Art Center to the Lex-Ham neighborhood. You are invited to a Family Pinhole Camera Workshop on World Pinhole Day, April 29th, 2018 from 1-4pm, rain or shine. Registered participants will each make a pinhole camera and create pinhole photographs to be scanned and uploaded to the World Pinhole Day website. It will be a family-friendly experience, beginning with constructing the pinhole cameras, looking at pinhole photographs for ideas and inspiration, shooting the pinhole photographs, developing the images in the darkroom and then scanning the images to be posted onto the World Pinhole Day website. An exhibition of the photos will also be displayed at our annual Lex-Ham Ice Cream Social in July. To register, please follow this link.

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