Final List of Names

Peace Park

People think of the word “Peace” as being inspirational, calming, and a way to bring people together across cultures.

“It is universal…We need it to live our lives. It makes everything better.” 

Midway Park

Midway is a popular name for the area. For many, it fosters a strong sense of belonging and pride.

“I am Midway proud. I’ve lived here my whole life and it is the name of this area.”

Mosaic Park

Many people want the park to celebrate the diversity of the area through art. The word “Mosaic” reflects both the mosaic of cultures in the area and inspires art for the space.

“It is about coming together to form something beautiful…It celebrates our diversity.”

Tiwahe Park

“Tiwahe” is the Dakota word for immediate family — the people you are dwelling with. This name honors the Daktoa people who first inhabited the area.

“It is about people coming together…I like the idea of a Native American name because they need more representation.”

Unity Park

“Unity Park” represents coming together across cultures into one community.

“Because it is everyone’s park and we all need a place to come together… It is diverse, neutral, universal, and for the community.”


Where Can I Vote for a Park Name?

Community Meeting & Vote: Skyline Tower 1247 St. Anthony

December 12th, 4:00PM—6:30PM


You are invited: An informational meeting about the park naming process will be held at Skyline Tower on December 12th along with an opportunity to vote. Additional voting opportunities will be presented at partner sites near the park.

The two names that receive most votes will then go to the Union Park Board and finally to the Saint Paul Parks Commission, who will decide the final name for the future park at Griggs.


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